Innovative Marketing Services to help you grow your sales pipeline



Intellegentia Website design logoWebsite Design 

Designed for inbound using personalised content. Our aim is to make your website more effective at converting visitors into leads and ultimately into customers. 

Intellegentia Social Media Services LogoSocial Media 

We'll help you to use social media to drive awareness, keep an eye on your competitors and respond to noise and comment.  In the B2B world especially, we'll help you make the most of LinkedIn for lead generation activity.

Intellegentia Events Services LogoEvents, Webinars

Webinar and seminars present an ideal opportunity to move people forward in their decision-making.  We'll help you plan, operate and follow up on your event in order to maximise the investment.

Intellegentia Marketing Automation Services LogoMarketing Automation

We apply our expertise in marketing automation, content marketing and workflow management to create buyer journeys that result in qualified leads.

Intellegentia CRM Integration Service LogoCRM Integration 

CRM integration ensures that lead engagement and marketing automation tools work seamlessly together with the CRM sales and customers service functions.

Intellegentia Content Writing Service LogoContent Marketing 

Our professional writers and subject matter specialists create content that attracts leads and shapes the buyer journey.  B2B content marketing is our forte.

Intellegentia Campaign Planning Services LogoCampaign Planning 

We create integrated multi-channel campaign plans to link all of the cogs in the B2B marketing and sales processes. We use analytics to measure the success and CRM to monitor lead progression.

Intellegentia Prospect Profiling Services LogoProspect Profiling

Our desk-based researchers will fill the gaps in your knowledge of your target market - whether it's sourcing and confirming a data list or detailed profiling of individual companies and contacts.

Intellegentia Lead Management Services LogoLead Management

In the B2B world, especially where the target market is tightly focused, every lead counts.  We help businesses create solid processes for lead management.

Intellegentia Customer Retention Services LogoCustomer Retention

For most businesses the cost of customer aquisition outweighs the cost of customer retention, so it makes sense to create marketing programs focused on reducing churn, upselling and cross-selling where appropriate.