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Organisations are constantly looking at sales productivity to help grow their business ... looking at what new
processes, technology and people skills will be needed to help sales teams accelerate their sales performance.  

With sales automation technology providing the stimulus to help achieve these goals, the HubSpot Sales platform has been developed to give sales teams easy to use highly productive tools they need to be more effective and efficient. 

Implementing new sales technology and processes needs proven experience and expertise. At Intellegentia our skills, proven methodologies and experience span;

  • Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment 
  • Sales Enablement 
  • Pre-Sales 
  • Sales 
  • Sales Leadership 

All of which will help you rapidly achieve adoption and success with the HubSpot Sales platform.

Please review our HubSpot Sales Onboarding services 

HubSpot Sales - Onboarding and Training Services


HubSpot Sales - Our top 10 sales productivity features 

HubSpot Sales has a really rich feature list which will benefit your organisations sales performance beginning with Hubspot Sales Starter all the way through to Enterprise Sales. Too numerous to mention them all, so here are our top 10 sales productivity features which we implement with customers to accelerate sales performance. Click on each of the + buttons to get more detail. 


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