Industry Experience   

How to rapidly get results



Increasing leads online - reducing the time to achieve results  

Having knowledge in the industry you operate in and having sold into those you sell into, helps us to reduce implementation times and significantly reduces the time to achieve a ROI for you. 
The sectors we have worked in have helped to shape our core skills:
  • First hand experience of Both B2B Sales & B2B Marketing
  • Solution selling - often in conjunction with partners
  • Complex sales cycles with multiple buyers - strategic selling
  • Product lifecycle marketing - dealing with end of life and new product launches
  • Working with channel partners
  • Selling and marketing to a wide range of industries
 With our industry knowledge and experience we'll: 
  • Spend less time being educated by you and therefore make a faster start on making an impact
  • Share experience from others in your industry
  • Help you approach new markets with confidence
  • Create relevant content quicker - improving engagement, lead nurturing and conversion
  • Help improve sales and marketing processes and ultimately improve revenue growth
Having first hand experience of both B2B Sales and B2B marketing roles gives us a unique perspective on sales and marketing alignment.  As marketing addresses over 60% of the buyer journey and sales focuses on the rest, alignment of processes and people is key.  
Whilst the days of the maverick sales person who maintains their own contact database or the marketer who is "all about the brand" may be long gone, there is often a long way to go before businesses can say their sales and marketing teams are truly aligned.  Yet the benefits are huge - leads are never misplaced, conversion rates are improved and sales cycles can be reduced.