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Best Practice for Professional Services Marketing

Referrals remain one of the biggest sources of leads for many professional services firms.  Most professional services companies are hired because businesses have a problem that is complicated, distracting or too risky to ignore, and their management teams are convinced that they don’t have the internal expertise or time to solve it themselves.A Best Practice Guide for Professional Services Marketers

Even so, there most clients do their own "due dilligence" via the internet, to ensure that the recommended company can deal with their issues.

Then there are the people who need a service but don't have any recommendations.  For them, the first port of call is often an internet search.

In both cases, the firms that win are the ones that have been found online because they have dominated the search terms that are relevant to a buyers problems or needs.  

So consultants, lawyers, accountants, marketing, HR consultants, business coaches, and any other type of professional services company need to be found online.

Having a strong website and online presence provides validation to leads that have been referered to you.  Being found online by "strangers" can significantly expand the reach of professional service companies beyond the local geography and word of mouth referrals. Search engine optimisation (SEO) - the abilily to get found online - isn't totally in the hands of your website experts.  The words you use on your website and blog pages have a massive impact on the ability to be found by search engines like Google.  Inbound marketing is a way of working that uses content to drive visitors to your website and, more importantly convert them into leads for your business.

Here at Intellegentia we offer advice and guidance across the whole spectrum of sales and marketing - helping firms get and close more leads.

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