Why Us?



What makes us different?

In your search for someone to help you grow your pipeline, you'll come across a range of different approaches:

  • Marketing agencies offering services like brand management, website design, SEO, PR, direct mail services, social media, content marketing and content marketing to create brand awareness and support lead generation
  • Industry events to showcase your products and services
  • Specific lead generation services like telemarketing, email marketing and direct mail 
  • Sales consultants and trainers to help your sales people close more deals.

Added to that, there are hundreds of different marketing software options you can use for prospecting, email marketing, social media management and CRM.  

There are scores of tools for keyword analysis, search engine optimisation and content management.

In short, there's plenty of help out there - its down to you to decide what you need.

And therein lies the difference.

We can provide a one-stop-shop for building your sales pipeline - from help with direction & targeting through determining the best approach for lead generation & lead nurturing to actively closing sales deals.  

And we can deliver the skilled resources to do the work too!  

Our focus is helping you grow your business.


Sales is in our DNA 

We've been in front line sales and sales management roles and have done the same job that your sales teams have!  

We understand what it's like to be working in an environment with long sales cycles, managing multiple decision makers and influencers, politics and everything else in between. 

Scratch beneath the surface and you will see find sales coursing through the Intellegentia team.  It's in our DNA. 

We have the ability to deliver strategic value with exec teams, and deliver expertise to sales and marketing functions to achieve your goals.

Our approach and methodology helps us to get to the nub of things very quickly, and our experience, knowledge and creativity will help you get the fundamentals right and deliver results and return on your investment.


Content marketing is at our core

We have years (and years) of experience selling software solutions into a wide range of industries.  As well as knowing rather a lot about software, that experience has given us three key strengths:

  • incredible insight into what makes industry leaders tick
  • a wide understanding of industry sectors, people and business processes and their pain points
  • the knack of being able to create an appealing proposition based on limited information

As a result, we've had huge success in creating great content from the briefest of briefs. 

We continue to surprise and delight our customers with our ability to convert a few bullet points or a detailed-but-highly-technical document into something that appeals to the most senior non-technical people in their target market.

But it doesn't stop there...

We create content that is optimised for search engines.  We often achieve the "Google snippet" for a chosen topic and ALWAYS increase website traffic as a result.

And in doing so, we create more leads and help our customers to grow their businesses.


Keen to grow your business? 

Want to drive more leads through your website?

Looking to work with someone who has considerable experience to draw on AND is up to date with modern marketing technology?

Your search is over!  Call us now.


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