Account based marketing



Account Based Marketing 

Account based marketing - The ElephantFor some businesses, it makes sense to have small list of target accounts to focus at least part of their sales and marketing effort.  These are typically some of the bigger companies that meet their target market criteria.

It’s no small feat capturing these ‘elephants’, but the benefits can include longer term revenue streams and better competive positioning within that whole target market.  Having one or two "big names" on your books can help secure the smaller ones more easily.

A structured approach and methodology are crucial.

Account Based Marketing:

  • ...requires a structured approach to developing and implementing customised and highly targeted programs to individual enterprise accounts
  • ...involves sales and marketing working together to tailor sales & marketing content and create "joined up thinking" on all approaches
  • ...requires a deep understanding of the different buyer personas and corresponding tailored and personalised content to meet each buyer's journey
  • best carried out using closed loop analytics to measure progress with each buyer persona 

Having sold into and account managed large corporates in manufacturing, retail, services and public sectors we have years of experience to bear to help you with acquisition, protection and growth of your strategic accounts.

Intellegentia Account Based Marketing Services include:

  • Account Based Marketing planning 
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Key account selection process
  • Deep research, profiling, insight and account intelligence
  • Buyer persona relationship tactics
  • Creating highly customised campaigns & account focused content
  • Measurement and scoring – agreed MQL and SQL definitions
  • Sales team coaching
  • Marketing program assessments and roll outs

With over 40 years of consistent sales success, new business development and marketing under our belt, Intellegentia can help organisations quickly reap the benefits of Account Based Marketing and help achieve long term strategic goals.