Content Marketing 

Content Marketing 

B2B Content marketing is the energy source for your Inbound Marketing and demand generation programs.  

So delivering content that’s fresh, appropriate and timely for each of your target buyers is vital.

It's what gets you found on the internet, and helps convert visitors into leads.  Content is needed for lead nurturing too - feeding potential buyers with the right information at the right time to help move them closer to the point of purchase.  

Content marketing is a skill that is very much in demand.

We develop content for blogs, emails, landing pages, white papers, social posts, infographics, video, animations, webinars, seminars and live events - all aimed at driving engagement and conversion.

We can work collaboratively with your team to produce polished, inbound-optimised marketing assets.

Sophisticated analytics from systems such as Hubspot enable us to monitor success and continuously improve your content marketing performance.

Content Editors

Whilst lots of content editors can take a brief and create an appropriate piece of work, it takes a level of knowledge and experience to write about certain subjects in a way that makes it engaging and/or thought provoking.

Our content editors have knowledge in three main areas - based on their real-life experience of working in those sectors:

  • IT software and services
  • Financial services
  • Professional services

How we work

That focus, knowledge and experience means that we don't need a lengthy brief from you in order to create outstanding content.   In fact, we prefer a verbal briefing so that we can ask questions and minimise your time.  Drawing on our experience, we take your brief, research current industry issues then weave all of that into the content we create. 

The results

A great example is some work we did for a software company.  Whilst we were asked to write about the software, our research revealed some new legislation that would be impacting businesses 2 years hence, but nontheless was creating some high ranking search terms in Google.

We focused on that legislation, the impact it would have on the audience, and how the software would provide a solution.  We launched via Social Media only for a couple of months and then moved the campaign out to other channels after that.  The results were astounding:

  • Contacts from social media were hovering around 2-6 per month.  We gained 163 new contacts during the first two months of the campaign.
  • Almost a year on and this content is still performing well, driving traffic organically and through PPC campaigns

Content Planning

If you have your own in-house expertise for content editing, we can help you to:

  • decide what to write about and when
  • find ways of being more efficient
How we work
  1. Our comprehensive buying persona workshop helps flush out needs, pain points, trigger points and possible positioning questions
  2. We'll then map out a typical buyers journey and the content required at each stage (awareness, evaluation etc) - the Content Roadmap.
  3. Next we’ll review your existing B2B Inbound Marketing assets and suggest a polish or refresh as appropriate.  We’ll look for opportunities to re-purpose content (print to digital, written to video etc) and discuss your preferred tone and brand guidelines.
  4. We’ll brainstorm ideas for new content to fill the gaps.
  5. Finally, we'll agree a plan to develop and use the content.



Well-executed content marketing will: 

  • Increase brand awareness As buyers search the web for answers to their questions and solutions for their problems, your brand will start to rank for their keywords.
  • Increase brand preference Content can help to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Greater reach at lower cost It is not a short-term strategy, but over time, a library of great content will continue to reach more qualified leads and interested buyers.
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