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Examples of Intellegentia's Website Design

For most businesses, your website should be the hub of all your marketing activities.  But it's not JUST a pretty face.

Your website should be optimised so that anyone searching for your solution will find you....just like you found us!

An Inbound Website Design is about turning a brochure site into a lead generating asset. Keys to success include, for example:

  • mapping out the buyer journey - providing content that addresses your buyers needs
  • mapping your lead qualification process - finding creative ways to get visitors to qualify themselves in or out 
  • competitive analysis - crafting content to help differentiate yourself
  • keyword analysis - using keywords in page titles and content to help you to get found
  • data capture - integrated smart forms to convert visitors into leads
  • integrated marketing analytics and marketing automation
  • and, of course, design work!

A sophisticated content management system (CMS) like HubSpot enables you to tailor the experience and content specifically to each visitor. Sections of each page can deliver relevant and valuable dynamic content based on their interest, search terms, repeat visits or life cycle stage.

Websites designed with inbound objectives and content with context are more effective at converting visitors into leads and ultimately into customers.


Instead of a more traditional website design approach, we take the view that a site designed in incremental steps using a systematic approach will shorten the time to launch. 

Continuous analysis and improvement

Advanced website analytics enables us to research, test and learn about visitor activity, and we use this information to drive appropriate website improvements. 

Learning informs marketing and sales

What we learn about visitors also helps inform and improve marketing and sales strategies and tactics (and vice versa).


  • It’s easier to stay on budget and on deadline with a launch pad site.
  • Focusing on incremental changes makes for quantifiable improvements 
  • The workload is more manageable and key team members do not need to be extracted from their day to day jobs for long periods of time.

This is about ongoing sprints towards site optimisation rather than a marathon to launching perfection.

This development approach can be adopted in any CMS, but our preferred route is WordPress or HubSpot COS.

HubSpot COS

COS stands for Content Optimised System. HubSpot COS provides all the tools to create a high converting optimised website.  It is fully integrated with other HubSpot marketing and sales solutions, and therefore is a sensible consideration if you are already using, or plan to use, HubSpot for marketing automation.

Using HubSpot COS your website can continually adapt in line with visitor behaviour - see the example below.  Having registered "John" gets a personalised welcome message when he next visits the site. When he views the site on a desktop, the content offers more information than it's practical to see on other devices. 

Intellegentia examples of HubSpot COS configuration

The benefits of Hubspot COS 

  • Smart Personalised Content to improve visitor experience and conversion
  • Integrated with marketing and sales software
  • Very easy to use - once established, content updates and optimisation can be performed without technical intervention
  • HubSpot COS sites fast - they are delivered over a content delivery network (which is also a positive factor for Google ranking)
  • Fully mobile responsive - out of the box
  • Software constantly updated and supported

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