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Sales Enablement Services

Sales Enablement improving sales rep performance

The goal of Sales Enablement is to help sales reps close more deals - plain and simple. 

With sales productivity and performance always on the agenda, our sales enablement services are focused on providing sales teams with the content, training, and analytics they need to have more successful sales conversations.

Having been quota carrying sales people, we are acutely aware of the struggles, frustrations and bottlenecks that can restrict sales success.

Do you need Sales Enablement?

Recent reports and surveys* suggest that there is a significant sales rep performance and win rate gap between organisations that have little or no sales enablement function and those that have a fully functional team. Let's compare the impact:

Business A - a progressive company:

  • Some form of CRM installed with reasonable sales rep adoption.
  • Content is available via their intranet but not always up to date.
  • Sales processes are defined but typically not mapped to the buyer journey.
  • Sales and Marketing alignment is loose, leads coming down the pipeline are not always followed up as well as they should, and unqualified leads can get dropped.
  • Success metrics for the top sales reps are known, and win rate is between 10-20%.
  • New reps hit quota in 6 months.

Business B - a top performing company:

  • Using CRM systems with full user adoption, accessible anytime on any device for on-the-road productivity.
  • Sales collateral is up to date and included in the reps playbook
  • Content is mapped to buying and sales processes by persona.
  • With tight sales and marketing alignment in place, well-qualified sales-accepted leads are followed up according to defined process and an agreed SLA.
  • Success metrics are managed closely to ensure that all reps are performing with a win rate of 25% or greater.
  • New reps hit quota in 3 months.

It's a fairly easy calculation to judge the impact that improving win rate could have on your bottom line.

  • Add to that the benefit of getting new sales reps productive quickly.
  • Factor in the impact that better sales alignment could have on stopping lead leakage from your pipeline.
  • Now examine sales productivity - time spent on proposals and finding information that should be at their fingertips...

Then talk to us!  


  • higher win rates
  • faster on-boarding of new sales reps
  • better sales rep productivity
  • direct bottom line impact