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We are... 

...a team of professionals  who harness technology, apply strategic and tactical expertise and add creativity to deliver against clients sales and marketing goals.

We also love sailing!

Many years ago when we set up the business, we looked at our brand and wanted it to reflect us - the real core of what we're about.

We love sailing and we love selling!

So our strapline was easy.  We are "The Wind in your Sales".  (A bit cheesy for some, perhaps, but we think it reflects our passion for ensuring that whatever we do is geared towards your sales.)

The three coloured sails in the logo represent our three main areas of competence:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Technology 

In much the same way as yacht racing, we plan a course, deal with variables along the way and work with clients as a tight collaborative team.  We keep an eye on the client's competition and whilst there may be slight changes to the plan to take advantages of opportunities that present themselves along the way, the end result is always in mind. 

Each team member has their own set of skills - be that content marketing, marketing strategy, strategic selling, digital marketing, social media or creative work.  We all keep an eye on the analytics that result from our work, and strive for continual improvement.  And we all have a passion for success.

We are...

Solution Orientated - Each client's business objectives and challenges are unique, and very often this means we need to develop unique solutions tailored to meet their needs.  HOWEVER, because we have developed campaigns, launched products and developed on-going sales and marketing programs for lots of clients across different industries, we are able to apply our experience quickly to deliver sales and marketing solutions for clients.

The value for clients... you can leverage our experience to get a fast start and maintain momentum to grow your sales pipeline.  We're adept at finding the "low hanging fruit" in parallel with creating sales and marketing machines that drive results for the longer term.    

We are...

A certified HubSpot Partner... being the world's No1 inbound marketing automation software platform, HubSpot has over 15,000 customers in 90 countries.

As a HubSpot partners our focus is on customer satisfaction and what value we provide and how we support clients, not just the number of clients in our portfolio. Certified to deliver inbound, we understand what it takes to successfully attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.

Overlay our expertise in your industry sector and we'll give you a winning combination of leading technology, industry experience and creativity topped off with a desire for success.      

 Intellegentia Director Mike Broomfield

I believe our consultative approach, strategic thinking, and attention
to the sales process as much as marketing sets up apart from others. 

Today's buyers are forcing companies into new ways of working
in order to create a sustainable sales and marketing machine.
We need to be agile in our thinking, approach and execution in
order to help clients achieve their goals.

Mike Broomfield - Managing Director 

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