Campaign Management

Campaign Management

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B2B Marketing is a multi-dimensional discipline that requires a range of skills, resources, creativity and analysis.  A robust, integrated B2B marketing campaign plan links together all of the cogs in the process. 

Your target audience has access to so many points of reference, such as organic search, social, paid advertising, networking, and events that it's essential that all of the elements are planned and brought together into a cohesive campaign structure. Marketing technology and analytics are now an integral part of any campaign execution ... set up and used correctly they can deliver real-time measurements of how a campaign is performing, allowing you adjust "in flight" if necessary rather than wait until a campaign end and then pick through the results, and they arm sales with buyer insight and real data to convert leads into customers. 


Pulling the multiple strands of campaign together is not without its challenges, our structured approach shortens the time to develop and deploy campaigns. With our bias towards sales, our methodology covers the full funnel from initial engagement to sales follow up. The key elements to our campaign management are:

  • Establish goals - we work with you to ensure the goals are clear, realistic and resources are available
  • Alignment of Sales and Marketing - if the goals are to drive leads, then we help to ensure the whole organisation is ready, aligned and prepared for the campaign
  • Establish your audience - sounds obvious, but it is critical that you have the buyer persona mapped out and intelligence on where the buyer could engage with your campaign assets eg Linkedin groups for B2B buyers 
  • Development of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and value - we work with you to create the campaign USP's, and value positioning 
  • Create a clear outcome - whereas the goals could be financial or lead quantity, the outcome of the campaign promotion could be a landing page, event or webinar signup, newsletter subscription, product demo - these need to be planned and created
  • Creation of assets - all the assets needed to execute the campaign, such as campaign content,  landing page copy, campaign form, webinar, email copy, thank you pages, calls to action, social posts, blogs 
  • Creation of an integrated Promotion plan - we plan out how to get the message out to the target audience with exact timings, and methods including email, social, linkedin groups, blogs to affiliates or influencers, advertising, event organiser
  • Establish measure process, notifications and alerts - we help determine the measures for all elements of the campaign, the in-flight alerts and notifications to the sales team
  • Set up workflows and nurture emails - we will work with you to determine workflows that drive action and nurture leads through the funnel specific to the campaign
  • Set up sales enablement process - we will ensure all the full funnel activities are covered which includes a specific campaign sales follow up process, campaign sales collateral and reporting 
  • Campaign Execution - simply bringing all the elements together and executing the campaign to achieve the goals 
  • Measure and Review - Complete campaign analysis, not just goals met, but analysis of all of the data so that successful campaigns can be repeated and enhanced. 


  • Lower cost of campaign planning 
  • More effective campaign execution
  • Improved performance of sales/marketing
  • Better results  

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