Prospect Profiling 

Prospect Profiling 


Prospect profiling provides you with a validated and up to date picture of each potential contact in your strategic accounts or leads as they progress through the sales funnel. The Prospect Profiling program will:

  • Provide deep research insight and strategic account intelligence as part of your account based marketing program
  • Help you determine the characteristics of the buying persona for your product/service, focusing your marketing programs and sales resources on the "most likely to buy" accounts
  • Prioritise prospects, along with likeliness to buy attributes, who merit follow up by your organisation's sales representatives, allowing more effective and efficient allocation of your sales force's time
  • Capture relevant information about prospects for example - current solution in place and satisfaction level, experience with other vendors, decision-making process and buying timeline in order to tailor appropriate follow up activities
  • Build brand recognition by communicating specific messaging to prospects, generating awareness and driving interest about your organisation's product prior to contact from a sales executive
  • Assess how your company's "value proposition" resonates with prospects

By consistently "feeding the pipeline" to keep new prospects moving through the sales process, you can ensure that your sales and growth targets stay on track. With detailed prospect profiles - complete with each company's current environment, specific needs and concerns, and purchasing decision-making process - your sales team will be armed with the competitive edge to drive revenue.


Determining the buyer persona in a workshop with both sales and marketing is the starting point. From that point onwards, it depends if you are looking at developing strategic accounts or driving engagement through demand generation programs.  Our approach is to 

  • Use the output from the Buyer Persona workshop determine the level of detail needed on each prospect
  • Understand what current data/information exists 
  • Understand what the likely sources of data/information are 
  • Develop a plan to acquire prospect information 
  • Develop the process to profile the prospect - online and offline 
  • Deploy appropriate resources (this could include telephone prospecting as well as online) 


  • Precision targeting of prospects (strategic accounts and target markets)
  • Provides the ability to personalise content along the buyers journey
  • Better quality  of information increases marketing and sales productivity 

Researching and Developing Buying Personas Mind Map