Financial Services Marketing



Financial Services Marketing 

With so many demands on firms and advisers, the time and effort of engaging with new clients, boosting loyalty and retaining existing customers means that a different approach is needed.  In a sector that has traditionally engaged with prospects and clients face to face, more and more end users want to engage digitally and financial services companies are responding.Consolidation within the industry, regulatory compliance and intense competition, are contributing to challenging times for providers, advisers, investment firms and others within the financial services sector.

For the Financial Services sector, the Inbound Marketing Methodology provides a really interesting way of thinking about marketing. Inbound is about educating and informing. It’s about retention. It is not about overt selling. All of which fits entirely with ethics, rules and regulations governing the financial services industry.

A Guide to Inbound Marketing for Financial Services MarketersThe industry is made up of quite different organisations – for example, membership-based networks, client facing advisers and intermediaries. Each have their own marketing needs and ways of going to market. Whilst client-facing financial advisers often market themselves in a defined geography, targeting particular types of consumer or business, a network will be looking to recruit and retain members across the country.   Their marketing needs, however, can be similar

  • Social media and blogging to raise awareness
  • Call to action (CTAs) to convert strangers into prospects
  • Emails to nurture prospects or inform members
  • Data capture forms for event bookings
  • Satisfaction surveys and polls
  • Analytics to monitor and measure success

Firms and Advisers who embrace online and digital marketing techniques and tools are clearly seeing rewards. But, in a sector where many firms rely on traditional marketing techniques, and don't have any marketing resources, the bridge to a more structured, measurable and cost effective way of growing the business and retaining clients can seem extremely daunting.

Value Proposition

We’ve worked with networks, mortage clubs, advisers, insurance brokers, accountancy firms and financial software suppliers on marketing projects including marketing communications, product launches, lead generation campaigns, customer satisfaction surveys and retention programs, event management, re- branding, corporate vision, online marketing, offline marketing, B2B marketing strategy…….and much more.  We combine modern marketing methods with an appreciation of the promotional restrictions within the industry.

Want to know more about how advanced inbound marketing and lead generation techniques can be applied to Financial Services? Read our eBook "A Guide to Inbound Marketing for Financial Services."