Marketing Automation 

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that gives your business the facility to scale up and be more efficient at deploying both inbound marketing and outbound marketing campaigns. 

Marketing Automation solutions typically provide a number of functions that help transform manual tasks into efficient, repeatable processes:

  • automating the deployment of personalised emails
  • updates to lead status depending on contact activity
  • updating contact properties based on contact activity or profile information
  • email alerts to sales and marketing teams based on lead actions
  • lead scoring depending on actions taken
  • automatically sending regular blog feeds via email or RSS
  • automating the lead nurturing process based on buyer persona and actions taken by each contact

HubSpot is the leading inbound marketing and marketing automation software platform and we are proud to be a Hubspot Partner

Companies needing help with marketing automation typically come to us because they already have HubSpot and feel they are not getting the best from it, or are interesting in using HubSpot but want to know more. 

If you already have HubSpot, then you will know that whilst it's easy to set up, the trick is in the planning beforehand.  That's where industry knowledge, a detailed content plan and some project management skills come in.  After that, all aspects of the workflow should be examined to ensure that they are performing optimally.  We'll help you to review the performance of content, calls to action, landing pages and emails to ensure that you are really making the most of this powerful tool.