Intellegentia's HubSpot Training Workshops

Small group HubSpot user training led by sales and marketing experts from Intellegentia.
Our HubSpot Training courses available now by video or at your own UK office. 

Led by Intellegentia's HubSpot experts, these collaborative training workshops deliver results.

We'll be sharing our knowledge and practical experience of using HubSpot.  By working in your own HubSpot portal on the day, you'll actually put your learning into practice for your own business.  No more sitting and listening - this is about learning and doing! 

Course content will be adapted to suit your needs.  The following agendas provide a guide as to what we can achieve in a day.

Complete HubSpot Overview

Best practice guidance and hands-on training

HubSpot Sales and Marketing

This course is aimed at people who are new to HubSpot. Perhaps you’ve joined a business that already has HubSpot and you are trying to fathom out how it all works? Or maybe you’ve just licensed HubSpot and would value a face-to-face overview and basic training?

By the end of this full day course, you will:

  • Have a good understanding of all elements of HubSpot (Marketing, CRM, Sales)
  • Understand the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales
  • Hands-on training in the areas that you need


Content Marketing Planning

Creating a content marketing plan for your business

Buyer-centric content marketing

Inbound marketing devours content: at least 4 blog post a week, gated content to capture contact details, social to drive visitors, emails and more.... Our Content Roadmap provides structure to your plan and clever shortcuts to creating content.  

By the end of this full day workshop, you will:

  • Have reviewed the needs of your own buyer personas, and carried out keyword analysis
  • Have created an outline Content Roadmap for your business
  • Have a formula for successful content planning


Lead Nurturing Workflows

Workflow to drive leads through all stages in their buyer journey

Successful lead nurturing

During the day we'ill explore options, discuss your own business needs and create the lists, workflows, emails etc needed to nurture your leads.  The course isn't JUST about how to use HubSpot workflow, it's about implementing it for your company.

By the end of this full day workshop, you will:

  • Understand how to build HubSpot workflows
  • Have set up core lead nurturing workflows for your own business
  • Have a plan for extending and improving those workflows for the future


HubSpot CRM 

Implementing HubSpot CRM for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales handover and recycling

Our overall aim is to facilitate sales and marketing alignment; this course works well if a sales person attends together with a colleague from marketing. You'll agree a process for managing leads to minimise pipeline leakage and learn how to set up & use CRM. 

By the end of this half day workshop, you will:

  • Have agreement between sales & marketing on lead handover and recycling processes
  • Set up properties, lists, filters, views, alerts and workflows to improve lead management
  • Map your sales process in HubSpot CRM


HubSpot Sales Enablement

Enabling sales reps to work smarter and improve win rates

Improving sales team efficiency

This workshop is delivered by a very experienced sales person to help businesses introduce a structured process without stifling the individual sales person's creativity.  Put a plan in place to re-engineer your sales process to take full advantage of HubSpot Sales tools.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Identify marketing alerts and content that will support your sales process
  • Understand how HubSpot Sales tools can be used to automate elements of the sales process
  • Set up essential elements of your own process


Inbound Sales Strategy

Time to rethink your sales strategy?

Buyer-centric selling

Struggling with low responses to outbound calls and emails?  With over 20 years strategic sales experience, our MD, Mike, embarked on this approach before the term Inbound Sales was invented and shares his personal experience in this unique workshop.

By the end of this full day workshop, you will have:

  • Discovered ways to make your calls, emails and presentations more buyer-centric
  • Learned how to find and focus on active buyers
  • Understood the fundamentals of the Inbound Sales Methodology


Tailored On-Site Training

Training designed around your company's needs.

Tailored training & consultancy

You can choose the location, time and agenda and receive personalised consultancy and training focused on your business needs.  

We have first hand experience of working in many B2B sectors, so as well as extensive HubSpot knowledge, we have the knowledge to help you use this software to deliver results.

Example requests from other customers:

  • In depth lead nurturing review to improve pipeline velocity
  • Sales and marketing alignment workshop for your team(s)!
  • Help with data management and profiling



A Little Something from Our First Attendees

Interested in receiving information about our HubSpot training courses?

'It's been great to get the opportunity to talk to a mix of experts and other HubSpot users and receive some really great tips'

'Having a two-way dialogue is much more useful than a one-way presentation as it allows you to engage with the ideas that are being broached'

'The Intellegentia team have made me rethink some of the approaches we have been taking'